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EVAPERATOR COOLERS, better known as Swamp Coolers



Living in Las Vegas, using your air conditioning system in the summer can become a fairly pricy habit. The use of evaporative coolers, better known as swamp coolers, is a greener, more cost effective, and equally effective method of cooling your home or business. The general concept of swamp coolers dates all the way back to Ancient Egyptians. Wet blankets would be draped across doorways or windows open to the outside and as the breeze would come in, the water would cool the air and create a cooler inside. As time passed, humans learned more and more about how to circulate cooler, humid air throughout the house.



Swamp Coolers vs HVAC

Air conditioners use hot outdoor air forced over a set of chemically cooled coils to cool the dry air and ventilate your business. It is generally a closed door, closed window system. However, swamp coolers rely on the air already circulating through the building. Sucking in localized air, passing it over water and pushing it back out in a constant cycle keeps the air fresh and cool. To improve the airflow of swamp coolers, a window must be open for displaced warm air to go, vastly improving the output of cooler, humid air throughout the building.

Benefits of Swamp Coolers

The biggest benefit of using a swamp cooler is monetary. A swamp cooler uses about 1/3 of the power and energy of a conventional HVAC system. Environmentally, swamp coolers are beneficial also. There is no use of Freon, or any other type of chemical refrigerant cooling the air in your business. If you’re trying to keep a huge warehouse type of commercial building cool, a swamp cooler is your best, and most cost effective choice!



We here at Larson Air perform start-up and shut-off maintenances twice a year for most businesses. A start-up maintenance ensures all of the pieces are lubricated and performing at optimal levels, as well as replacement of pads. Shut-off services include draining the water, shutting off valve, a cleaning, draining all the water to combat rust, and wrapping the pads with plastic.


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