Repair or Replace

Symptom Checker - Determine whether you need to repair or replace that aging system


  • Under Warranty

    If your HVAC system is still under a manufacturer's warranty you should repair it.

  • Under 10 Yrs. Old

    A maintained heating and cooling system that is under 10 years old without major repair history should be a good candidate for repair.

  • Good Condition

    Any HVAC system that has been properly maintained without major repair history should be considered for repair.

  • Minor Repair

    Any central-air system only requiring a minor repair that has had regular maintenance and no major repair history should be considered for repair.

  • Good Efficiency

    A unit in good operating condition that has been well maintained with no major repair history should be considered for repair.

  • Budget Prohibited

    When you have a failure that is in-between a minor and a major repair, and your unit is in good operating condition with no major repair history, and you are under budget restraints you should consider repair.
  • Over 10 Yrs. Old

    If your HVAC system is over 10 years old you should consider replacement or at the least budget for replacement.

  • Poor Efficiency

    Any central-air system that is under performing in terms of efficiency due to the age and deterioration should be considered for replacement. This effect often causes homeowners to over-pay the utility companies for power and gas. Payments on a new heating and cooling system in some cases can be as much as you save on utility costs. That means a new system could literally pay for itself!

  • Frequent Breakdowns

    Any HVAC system that has major component failure should be considered for replacement. Even frequent minor repairs should be considered due to the cost and inconvenience of the required repairs.

  • High Cost Repair

    Systems that encounter major component failure like compressors should always be considered for replacement. These kinds of repairs are often associated with deteriorated and improperly installed equipment. HVAC systems that have major component failure are often plagued with frequent minor repairs.

  • R-22 Factor

    Air conditioning systems with R-22 type refrigerant should be considered for replacement because of the EPA's ruling to stop production of the ozone depleting chemical. This regulation will massively rise the cost of any repairs requiring this type of refrigerant.

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