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Larson Air works with only the best products around. So we’ve partnered with the legendary durable Maytag brand to bring the best in efficiency and output.

Enhanced Whole-House Air Cleaner System Air Filter

Honeywell TrueClean

As air is moving through your heating and cooling system, Honeywell TrueCLEAN deactivates 99%*** of captured particles like airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria — making it dramatically more effective than single-room portable units, standard one-inch furnace filters, and practically all other whole-house air cleaning systems.
  • Features
  • Deactivates 99% of particles
  • High Performance, Low Maintenance
  • Save Energy. Save Money.
  • 5 Year Warranty
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REME HVAC Cell Air Filter


REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy utilizes an electro magnetic energy cell to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity. This air purifying plasma is propelled into the HVAC duct or plenum by a silent plasma propulsion module that has no moving parts, yet propels the plasma at 2 cfm. This provides for fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis.
  • Features
  • Kill microbials up to 99%
  • Reduces Gases and Odors up to 85%
  • Reduces particulates(dust) up to 93%
  • No moving parts
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