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Most Common HVAC Repairs

Blower Motors or Indoor Fan

An electric motor with a fan designed to supply air at a moderate speed depending on the setting. A blower usually consists of a fan assembly, a motor, and a blower wheel. The blower case is usually designed as part of the heating/air conditioning system.


An electrical storage device used to start motors (start capacitor) and to improve the efficiency of motors (run capacitors).


A vapor pump that pumps vapor (refrigerant or air) from one pressure level to a higher pressure level.

Condensate Repair Tips

This humid weather is causing many condensation leaks for homeowners. Larson Air would like to give you some tips on what to look for if you notice water leaking from your ceiling.

1. Call the Experts at Larson Air 940-0733!
2. Do it yourself

If you choose to do it yourself here's what to do:

1. Look for the main drain line located near the bottom of the home, usually near the ground units. If the units are on the roof you will see the PVC line dripping off the side of the home.

2. Once you located the drain line get a wet/dry shop vacuum and attach the vacuum to the outlet of the drain and turn it on. This should free any debris from the drain line and let the water drain the proper way.

3. If you don't feel comfortable with this please contact us and we will be happy to help!


A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching a power circuit, similar to relay except with higher amperage ratings. A contactor is controlled by a circuit which has line voltage and load voltage and control voltage. Pitted contactors should be replaced because they can cause damage to other electrical components.

Control Board

controls the operational sequence of cooling and heating modes and monitors system safety.

Electrical Whip

is a moisture proof and flexible electrical supply to the outside condensing unit.

Fan and Limit Switches

controls the furnace fan operations, and or is a safety high limit temperature device.

Fan Motors

Split and self-contained heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial applications have fan motors. Both blower fan motors and condenser fan motors are common components requiring replacement in aging systems due to failure. The most common causes of failure include overamping and seizure.

Fuse or Circuit Breaker

Provides safety protection from excessive amperage flow to the air conditioner or heat pump.

Gas Valve

controls the gas flow to the main furnace burners.

Heat Exchanger

is a combustion chamber and the heart of your furnace. It seperates combustion gasses from household air.

Hot Surface Ignitor

A small ignition device that allows the gas furnace to start up. These ignitors have all but replaced the older standing pilot light systems and are most commonly made from ceramic or silicon nitride.

Pressure Switch

a safety device that confirms the proper sequence and operation of furnace components.

Refrigerant Leaks

The fluid in a refrigeration system that changes from a liquid to a vapor and back to a liquid at practical pressures. Most common residential refrigerants are R-22 and R-410a.

Safety Disconnect

a safety shut-off (required by the National Electrical Code) that allows a service professional to disconnect the line voltage to the outside air conditioner unit.


controls the heating and cooling systems and allows for the system fan to run continuously or intermittently.

Time Delay Relay

an electronic device that prevents outside condensing unit from short cycling.


supplies low voltage to heating and cooling control units.


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