What is an Air Conditioning Tune-up?

Posted by: tlarson
Mar 2017

What is an Air Conditioning Tune-up?

    Many may ask this question, do I really need an air conditioning tune-up? The answer is YES! Think about this, your upcoming vacation that you've been planning for months is coming up and you start to gather all the things you need to prepare for it. Usually you want to make sure that the vehicle that your driving is ready for the journey. You make sure that the oil has been changed, the tires aren't low on air, the vehicle is clean just to name a few! Well just like your vehicle your air conditioning system needs to be ready for the long hot summer. When Larson Air performs the air conditioning tune-up we check your system for proper operation. Meaning we compare how your system is actually running to what the manufacture says it should be running. There are many components that get worn out over the years that can be addressed during an air conditioning tune-up.

    One of the most important things we check is the refrigerant pressures, the refrigerant is the coolant that's in the system that cool's down the home. It's kind of like the coolant in your car, if the coolant is low your car it will run hot and could damage your motor. If the refrigerant is low in your air conditioning system you could damage your compressor, and many other components. Not to mention you could be paying the utility company extra money due to extended run times because the air conditioning isn't cooling down your home.

    Another main reason for a tune-up is to chemically clean your condenser coil. What does that mean? Well your air conditioning system needs to breathe to cool down the refrigerant. The outside coil sometimes get full of debris including leaves, dirt, sand, weeds, grass, pet hair just to name a few. When your condenser coil is clogged with debris the refrigerant can't cool down enough and when that happens you will have less cooling and when there is less cooling the air conditioning system will have to run longer to satisfy the thermostat. So bottom line cleaning the condenser coil is really important.

    There are also many electrical components inside of your air conditioning system at wear out over time and it's usually better to be proactive and replace those parts before they fail during the hottest day of the year. All of these components use high voltage electricity and you should higher a professional to be analyzed. 

    The condenser fan motor is the motor on the top of the air conditioning system that draws air through the clean condenser coil. It does this to cool down the refrigerant in the system. We see a lot of condenser fan motors fail in the summer due to seized bearings. If you notice that the motor looks rusted or the fan is spinning slow thats an indication of the condenser fan motor that's starting to fail. When you hire Larson Heating and Air Conditioning we can tell you if the motor is performing as it should. 

    If you haven't had your air conditioning system tuned-up now is the time, it could save you a lot of money on your next power bill and it could also save you for a costly repair!


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