HVAC Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas, NV

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Mar 2017

HVAC Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Fast, Good or Cheap? - So many Las Vegas, NV homeowners fear calling a contractor because they have seen the TV shows like HGTV, Flip this House, Renovation Nightmares and many more home improvement shows. These show's sometime depicit untrustworthy contractor's showing up late, not finsihing on time or budget. Here's the truth, most professional contractors are great companies and do excellent work but it's the crappy contractors that give the whole industry a bad name. They usually over promise and under deliver. One of the main problems we see everyday is working around a unrealistic budget and time frame and homeowners expecting top of the line product's and functions. There is a rule of thumb that most contractors ask the homeowners and it's this, you have 2 options out of these words. You can have it done FAST, GOOD or CHEAP? Remember you can only pick two.

    Almost everyone wants CHEAP - But what happens when it's "CHEAP", that means it's not going to last and with air conditioning in Las Vegas, NV we want it to last! So "CHEAP" isn't even an option, it means the HVAC contractor has to cut corners to achieve a temporary result and when your air conditioning only works temporary that can leave you HOT! This option is probably the most common and widely used homeowner solution out there today. 

    Let's look at FAST - well in today's world everyone wants something FAST! Everything is a your fingertips, we could have a product delivered from Amazon in less than an hour now. I get it, I'm guilty too. FAST means the quality usually decreases because of the time. Timeframes are great, especially with slow contractors who sometimes drag their feet but timeframes could also be a good thing becasue the contractor knows he can do the job right. Usually FAST means contractor's drop all other jobs to complete the FAST job and the cost's usually rise.

    Now lets look at GOOD. This option is truly what most air conditioning contractors favorite option is and here's why: The air conditioning contractor inn Las Vegas, NV and the homeowner have a mutual respect for one another and this means they both know what one other expects in return. The contractor can perform thier expertise and discuss the best options for the clients. The homeowner can rest assured that the decisions they have made will satisfy a problem. Both parties involved get what they want, the contractor can take pride in his solution and the homeowner can enjoy that their problem has been solved!

Setting unrealistic timeframes and budgets are usually the core problem in any home renovation. If you are the contrator you'll need to put yourself in the homeowners shoes and if your the homeowner you'll need to put yourself in the contractors shoes. It always works out the best when there's open communication between the two parties involved.

So maybe I've changed my mind, I think there's only one option and that would be "GOOD". 


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