Superheat Vs. Subcooling

Posted by: tlarson
Feb 2017

What is Superheat or Subcooling

In the heating and air conditioning trade we use many different tools to diagnosis your HVAC system. One of these tools is measuring superheat and subcooling. This process is how we identify what the refrigerant is doing in your system. Is it flooding the evaporator with too much refrigerant, is it starving for refrigerant or is it working within the manufactures specifications? We can see into the system with the process of superheat and subcooling to properly identify this. First we hook up our refrigerant gauges to the service ports and measure how much pressure is in the system. By getting the pressure we can also get the temperature of the refrigerant. Once we figure out what your system is doing we can properly adjust the levels of r-22 or r-410a to the correct levels according to the data plate located on the unit. This is extremely important because if your system is over charged it could damage valuable parts in the system like the compressor. If it's undercharged you may be paying higher power bills because the system has to run longer to achive the desired temperature in your home or office. 

Here at Larson Air we are always training our technicians to be better more efficient technicians. If we provide them with the best skills and the best tools they will be able to service and repair your air conditioning system faster. 


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