Service Call Fee Debate

Posted by: tlarson
Feb 2017

The service call fee is the price the client pays to a company to reserve a time for an HVAC service technician to come out to either someone's home or place of business. Why is there a fee, some may ask? Well there are serveral reasons that companies put a price on driving to your home. We can start with the most obvious one, the technician has to be paid. Most "good" technicians make between $25 and $35 per hour, secondly one of the most expensive costs could be bundled into the general operating overhead of the busniess. Having a prepared service technician with a service van just doesn't happen, there is alot that goes into it. The general overhead of a small HVAC company could have thousands of dollars in bills per month and people don't see. We have to conduct the business at an office space, having a office space plus wharehouse space in Las Vegas could run you at least $1,500 a month and thats for a small space. Insurance is another big monthly expense, vehicles that have the correct tools and replacement parts is another biggie! Once you have the office insured and you have some nice fully stocked vans the costs don't stop there. Nope thats just the beginning, most people want professionals in their home so you'll need to have a uniform which is another expense. Marketing, wow thats a whole different beast! Marketing your business is extremely expensive, and let's face it without the marketing department your technicians will just be sitting around with no work. So back to question why do companies charge a service call fee? 

Service call fees help offset a small portion of these costs. Most service call fees range from $19 to $149. It's a big swing, I know we adjust ours depending on many things. Usually the larger companies will offer low service call fees like $19 but what they don't tell you is they're just sending a sales person who usually has no tools or no experience in repairing your air conditioning system. They really just want you to purchase a new air conditioning unit because it's in their best interest. You might even get a company that doesn't charge anytime to come out, now let's think about that for a minute. They are going to use thier gas money, pay the technician $25 per hour and tell you whats wrong with your air conditioning system for free? Not likley. Ask yourself the question would you drive to someones house in 100 degree weather and climb on a roof use the skills you learned in school just to tell the client that they have a bad compressor? Nothing is free, you'll pay for it some way. 

So here's the bottom line, if you want someone that knows what they're doing, is properly licensed has insurance and many more things, the will be a fee to come out to your place. Most reputable companies will roll that fee into the repair and just charge you for the repairs. It's the old sang "If it sounds to good to be true , it probably is"


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