Do It Yourself

Posted by: tlarson
Jan 2017

Here are some tips that you could easily do before you call Larson Air:

1. Batteries! Make sure the batteries are good in your thermostat. We get about 30 service calls a year and it turns out the batteries were just dead in the thermostat. You can usually pop off the face of the thermostat from the wall and locate the batteries, they usually take (2) AA.

2. Check the Breaker! Make sure the breaker for the air conditioning system isn't tripped, when we say tripped it means that the switch in the electrical panel is not "ON" or "OFF" it's stuck in the middle. Simply reset the breaker to the "ON" position.

3. Check you air filters! Seems easy right? You'd be surprised how many calls we get and the problem is a dirty air filter. If the air filter is dirty it restricts air flow threw the air handler. The air handler needs air to operate correctly in heating or cooling. Dirty air filters can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in power bills along with thousands of dollars a year in repair bills. I suggest to buy the cheap throw away pleated air filter and change them once a month.

4. Check for Ice! Thats right ice. It's going to be located on the outdoor unit whether it's on the ground or on the roof you'll see the solid block of ice and it will probably be dripping water. This happens when you have dirty air filters, low refrigerant charge, or the blower motor is broken. Turn the system to "OFF" but turn the fan to "ON". This will melt the ice and not further damage the system.

5. Check for Debris! If you have an outside unit that has weeds, trash or a damaged coil this could be the cause of your problem. We see many damaged condenser coils due to landscapers hitting them, pets peeing on them, or just trash stuck up against them. Do what you can and remove the trash and eliminate the weeds, but if it has a damaged coil you'll have to contact Larson Air!

6. Check for Oil Leaks If you see oil stains on the outside coil there is a good chance you have a refrigerant leak. The oil stain usually will be near the bottom of the coil and sometimes near the service posts for the refrigerant gauges. If in fact you do have a refrigerant leak this could be a costly repair. R-22 or Freon as some people call it has quadrupled in price over the years. The government is phasing this product out because it's damaging to the earths ozone layer.

After you have perform most or all of these tips and you still have no cooling, please don't go any further. A professional will need to further access the situation and give you a diagnosis. High voltage electricity is no joke and could cause death. Call Larson Air and we can take a look at it, our service calls are usually same day and it's only $25 per every 30 mins of diagnosis.


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