Do I Need my Ducts Cleaned?

Posted by: tlarson
Mar 2015

Air Duct  Cleaning

Do I really need my air ducts cleaned?

Dirty Ductwork


                Chances are, if you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, the answer is yes. Dust, debris, and even rodent droppings could be piling up in your air ducts. Not only would does dust accumulate and blow back into your home, the efficiency of your unit is decreased! Have you just had a big remodel, new tile or taken out a wall? Now would also be a good time to have those ducts cleaned. Remodeling debris can also take up residence in your air ducts.

                Does anyone in your home suffer from severe allergies? Do you have multiple pets? Indoor pollutants and outdoor pollutants can both affect and build up in your ducting system. It’s best to have a professional come into the home and clean ducts. In conjunction with high quality filters, your home’s ducts and ventilation system will remain clean and efficient for 3-7 years!!

We here at Larson Air, have been providing air duct cleaning to the Las Vegas valley for many years. Not only as a cleanliness solution, but a solution to in-home allergies and sometimes can help with recurring illnesses.

Check out this before and after cleaning shot!

Before and After


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