Have You Heard About Nest?

Posted by: tlarson
Jan 2015


                Have you heard about the Nest thermostat? It’s the newest release in home automation for your heating and cooling system. Wi-fi enabled, this thermostat connects to an app on your iPhone or Android and can be completely controlled from the palm of your hand. Not only that, but Nest actually learns its user’s preferences! Nest senses things like humidity, non-routine activity in the home, and when no one is home and adjusts automatically. It even tells its user what percentage of power they saved that day utilizing those settings and automatic adjustments.

Thermostat App

We installed a Nest thermostat in our Office Manager’s home six months ago as a trial. In the first three months, the summer months in Las Vegas, she noticed a marked decline in her power bill. Upon researching more about the Nest and how it works to save energy and money every month, we found that HVAC systems account for just about, or more than, half of your home’s power bill. As Nest learned her family’s daily routines, (including the dogs!) Nest found ways to be more efficient, even when the family didn’t.

Over the summer in Las Vegas, we at Larson Air know how easy it is to have unexpected power bills from your cooling system. We also know how easy it is to fix this sort of problem with just the touch of your fingertips. Our certified and trained technicians can install the Nest thermostat in the blink of an eye and get you on your way to saving money, power, and energy just as fast they can.

We have seen a lot of changes with thermostats here at Larson Air, and Nest is by far the most advanced, individualized, and adaptable on the market. Larson Air carries Nest thermostat and can install it in your home today!




--Images courtesy of Nest.com and engadget.com


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