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Posted by: tlarson
Jan 2015

As you know reviews are extremely popular these days with finding a quaility HVAC or plumbing contractor. There are many review websites out there the can help you narrow down which company would be the best fit for you and your family. The review websites show price ranges and usually a star rating. The higher the star rating the more likey the client would use the service again. The price ranges would be very important if you were on a tight budget and wanted to make sure you could afford the services provided. Review sites like Yelp, Angieslist, Customer Lobby, Review Buzz, Kudzu, Birdeye and many more really have been a driving force for companies to improve their customer service skills, their pricing and the overall customer experience. As word of mouth from friends and family can only make it so far, the world wide web has no limits and clients in different parts of the world could find anything out about your company at anytime. Is this a good or bad thing? Many opinions and lawsuits have been formed from angry shop owners to fed up customers, everyone is voicing thier opinion and thats the whole point of reviews sites, get your opinion of a company out there and let the public make their own desicion. Our company Larson Air has seen the benefits of positive reviews and we have embraced them and started using them as a marketing tool. We will publish, promote and even refer them to our future clients and a way to gain their business. Sure we can't please everyone but the clients that did'nt give us a 5 star rating and mentioned something they didn't like about us, we have flipped that into more training for our staff and intense debates about what we could have done better. So it's a win win for everyone. So get out there and start reviewing the sevices you have encountered. 


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